4 Differences Between the Patriot and Compass

October 5th, 2017 by

Consumers who are not concerned about going into details before purchasing a car may miss some important details that differentiate the Patriot from the Compass. Both vehicles represent the Jeep brand well, and there is a string of features that make both the ideal option for the discerning Jeep customer. Discover some of the key differences between the Patriot and the Compass.

Slight Styling Differences on the Outside

Although both vehicles feature the tell-tale seven-slot grille that is a part of the Jeep identity, their styling seems slightly different. The Patriot resembles a slightly squarer look that leans towards the rugged. This may inspire drivers to venture down the road less ventured. The Compass, however, has slightly more rounded features that tend to make this more of a city slicker vehicle. Smooth lines and a slightly softer approach might not be the Jeep consumers are used to, but it is without a doubt an attractive vehicle.

A Few Differences Under the Hood

Consumers who are a little confused with the slight price difference may finally have their answers. The Compass has a starting MSRP of $24,295 and the Patriot a healthy starting MSRP of $21,275. These slight differences are due to a few extra items under the hood for the Compass. It pushes out slightly more horsepower at 180, compared to the Patriot’s 172 horsepower. The torque is also slightly elevated, which makes it a fair price gap.

The Interior Sports Key Differences

Although both vehicles have ample space for five people, the Compass offers slightly more legroom in the front. The Patriot makes up for this by sporting more legroom in the back, which is a fair trade. Both vehicles also sport a few standards the other doesn’t feature. In the Compass, it is air conditioning and power door locks. The Patriot has standard features such as the sunroof/moonroof and a CD player.

Another aspect that hosts different features is the actual interior design of both cars. The Patriot offers a slightly rugged approach with its leather-covered steering wheel and seat trims. The Compass leans towards contemporary fabrics and contrast stitching. The interior is sleek and modern.

Fuel Economy and the Long Road Home

The Compass offers slightly more miles per gallon in both the city and on the open road, but not to the extent where that would be a deciding factor between the two vehicles. Similarly, the Patriot has a slightly bigger fuel tank volume, but it is also not significant enough for consumers to base their decisions just on that factor.

Where the Patriot is designed for those who want to explore more than just their own backyard, the Compass is more a symbol of stability and elegance. Both vehicles exude the charm Jeeps are known for, which makes it a tough decision for those who are in the market to buy. The decision won’t be based on power or fuel economy but rather the different perspectives of consumers on what their perfect vehicle entails.

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